• The courses major paper can take one of two forms:
    • A survey/background paper – this option is recommended for students who know their general research area but are still unsure of their thesis topic. The survey paper must include a section on open research problems.
    • A thesis proposal – this option is recommended for students (especially those in the PhD program) who already know their topic.


  • The paper will be written in Latex using the ACM SIG Proceedings format (example) and should be 4-6 pages in length including references. The preliminary submission must be a blind submission with no author names included. The final submission should take into account feedback from the peer review process and should include the author’s name and affiliation information.
  • The peer reviews will involve a paper bidding process followed by review assignments. Each student will be required to complete three paper reviews.


  • The preliminary and final papers will be submitted using our local submission system and the peer reviews will be conducted within the submission system. The deadline for deliverables is: