Resources & Links

This page contains resources and links that are useful for the course. This list will be updated throughout the course and if you have additional links that you think might be relevant please share them in the comments.

Software Engineering (general)

Software Quality

Software Process & Process Improvement

Agile Development

Software Testing

  • The Software Test Page – An introduction to software testing by David Smiles (Baltimore Technologies, UK) [archived page]
  • – Links to download JUnit as well as resources to assist in using JUnit can be found at
  • JTest – JTest is a commercial tool by Parasoft that was mentioned in the lecture notes during the discussion of source code instrumentation. If you want to see how it works click the orange “Demo” button.
  • MuJava – A stand-alone mutation testing tool for Java.
  • MuClipse – An eclipse plugin version of MuJava for mutation testing Java programs.
  • Javalanche [old site], Javalanche [new site]- a newer stand-alone mutation testing tool for Java.

Code Coverage Tools

  • Cobertura – line & branch coverage
  • JaCoCo – instructions & branch coverage
  • CodeCover – statement, branch, loop, strict condition coverage and more
  • EMMA – line & block coverage

Inspections & Static Analysis

  • Refactoring Website – Martin Fowler’s refactoring website.
  • Catalog of Refactorings – Catalog of code refactorings contributed by Martin Fowler (primarily).
  • JLint – A stand-alone static analysis bug detection tool for Java
  • Lint4J – An Eclipse plugin that statically analyzes Java programs
  • FindBugs – A static analysis tool for detecting bug patterns in Java programs. Available as a stand-alone program or as an Eclipse plugin