Supervision & Teaching

Supervision & Teaching

Graduate Students – Current

  • Jude Arokiam, MSc Student, Computer Science
    Thesis: Topics in Machine Learning and Software Engineering
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Ken Pu
  • Nadia Goralski, MSc Student, Computer Science
    Thesis: Using Parsons Problems to Enhance Learning of Web Programming
  • Stacey Koornneef, MSc Student, Computer Science
    Thesis: Topics in K-12 Computer Science Education and Serious Games
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Michael Miljanovic
  • Filipe de Luna, MSc Student, Computer Science, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    Thesis: Noise-based Testing of Concurrent Java Programs
  • Co-supervisor: Dr. Joao Lourenco
  • Taylor Smith, MSc Student, Computer Science
    Thesis: Topics in Program Comprehension

Opportunities for new students can be found here.


In 2021-22 I’m teaching the following courses:

  • CSCI 3060U: Software Quality Assurance (Winter 2022)
  • CSCI 6100G: Advanced Topics in Software Design (Winter 2022)

If you’re a student in one of my classes (or a former student), I’d appreciate your feedback on both the course and my teaching. In addition to the Ontario Tech Course Evaluations you can also provide feedback on my teaching at

Course Code and NameDate
CSCI 1060U:  Programming Workshop I (formerly CSCI 2030U)
2009-13, 2015(2), 2016, 2018, 2020
CSCI 2010U: Principles of Computer Science
CSCI 2050U: Computer Architecture I
CSCI 3040U: Soft. Eng. I: Requirements, Design and Analysis
CSCI 3050U: Computer Architecture II
CSCI 3060U: Software Quality Assurance,
SOFE 3980U: Software Quality
 (formerly ENGR 3980U)
2008-13, 2015-17, 2021
CSCI 4060U: Massively Parallel Programming2017, 2018
CSCI 4100U: Mobile Devices2011
CSCI 4620U: Human-Computer Interaction /
ENGR 4850U: User Interfaces
CSCI 5010G: Survey of Computer Science Research Topics & Methods2015-20
CSCI 5020G: Collaborative Design and Research2011
CSCI 5100G: Development of Concurrent Software Systems2010(2), 2012, 2014
CSCI 5540G: User Interface Technology2009
CSCI 6100G: Advanced Topics in Software Design (Applications of AI in Software Engineering)2017, 2019
CSCI 6720G: Advanced Topics in Information Science (Search-based Algorithms)2011
CISC 327: Software Quality Assurance (Queen’s University)

Teaching Advice