Project Description

The Winter 2018 project description can be found here.

Project Teams

You are to form a team to implement, document and deliver a two part software product. All phases to follow Extreme Programming philosophy as much as it applies – in particular,

  • continuously maintained test suites as requirements and quality control
  • pair programming of all code
  • simplest possible solution to every problem
  • continuous redesign and rearchitecting
  • automation in testing and integration
  • frequent integration and complete releases

Teams will be formed during laboratory sessions on or before Friday, January 12, 2018.

Project Phases

The project will be done in six phases, each of which will be an assignment. Phases will cover steps in the process of creating a quality software result in the context of an Extreme Programming process model.

Assignments will be on the quality control aspects of requirements, rapid prototyping, design, coding, integration and analysis of the product you are building. Throughout the project, you should keep records of all evidence of your product quality control steps and evolution, in order to make the marketing case that you have a quality result at the end of the course.

Your final products will be tested and evaluated.

TEAM Assessment

Peer-evaluation will be completed within each team after Phase #3 and Phase #6.