About the Lab

SQR Lab Photo (Summer 2015)

The SQR Lab is under the direction of Dr. Jeremy S. Bradbury and focuses on software quality of multicore and open source systems. In particular members of the group are interested in:

  • using experimentation and visualization to better understand the trade-offs between testing, model checking and static analysis
  • the development of new software quality assurance techniques for testing and analyzing concurrent and distributed systems
  • mutation testing for concurrent and distributed systems
  • improving the design of concurrent software
  • using visualization to improve the usability of software quality assurance tools

Members of the SQR Lab also utilize the resources of the Human-Centred Computing Laboratory to conduct user studies into how developers analyze, debug and test software.

Current active projects include: automatic repair of concurrency bugs, visualization of open source projects, learning debugging through games, prediction of mutation scores, testing of concurrent software using clone detection, visualization of thread interleavings.

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