Serious Games for Computer Science

Serious games

While the primary theme of research in the Software Quality Research Lab is understanding, developing and improving software testing and analysis techniques, the importance of properly educating and training software developers, testers and quality assurance professionals should not be under estimated.

The Serious Games for Computer Science project focuses on the use of game-based techniques to improve learning in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Areas of learning are based on the ACM Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Computer Science and the ACM Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering.

Open source serious games developed within this project are:

  • GidgetML – a modified version of Gidget that adapts to the individual learner using machine learning.
  • RoboBUG – a game for learning debugging.
  • Robot ON! – a game for learning programming through understanding and comprehension of source code.
  • FireFinder – a game for learning path finding algorithms in Python.
  • ThreadedPaws – a serious game for learning concurrency.