CSCI 1060U: Programming Workshop I

Programming Workshop I is a required course for all Computing Science students. According to the 2020-21 Academic Calendar, the course is described as follows:

CSCI 1060U Programming Workshop I. This is a first intensive course on computer programming that covers both theory and practice. The lectures introduce modern concepts in program design and construction along with features of modern object-oriented programming languages. The laboratories provide an opportunity to apply these concepts to practical programming problems. Topics that are covered in this course include program design, problem solving strategies, program documentation, memory management and object-oriented program design. 3 cr, 3 lec, 3 lab. Credit restriction: CSCI 2030U.

Course Outline

The course outline can be found here.

Marking Scheme

  • Laboratories (weekly) 55%
  • Tests (3) 45%


  • There is no textbook for this course. Instead we will use online websites/articles and Open Education Resources (OERs).