Undergraduate Research Project (Summer 2016)

If you are interested in applying for this research project please visit the UOIT Undergraduate Research Awards page for more information.

Project title: Multicore and Many-core Software Metrics

Supervisor name: Dr. Jeremy Bradbury

Summary of research project: The development of software that uses multiple central processing units (CPUs) and/or graphics processing units (GPUs) (multicore and many-core) is a challenging activity. This summer research project will focus on creating new software metrics that help multicore and many-core software developers better understand their source code. A tool for automatically calculating these software metrics will be created. The project will investigate the application of software metrics and source-code analysis on the development of multicore and many-core software but can be open-ended and adapted to the interests of the student.

Student responsibilities/tasks: The student hired will spend one month learning multicore (CPU) and many-core (GPU) programming and researching existing software metrics. During this time the student will evaluate existing metrics tools, read research papers and book chapters as well as program. A further three months will be spent creating new software metrics and developing supporting tools with the goal of improving a developers’ understanding of their multicore or many-core software. Upon completion of the project the student will have gained experience with multicore software, many-core software, concurrent programming, software metrics and source-code analysis.

Student qualifications (i.e. courses completed, minimum grades, skills required): Ideally the student should be registered in Computing Science, Software Engineering or a related field.