How to Succeed (and Fail) at Interdisciplinary Research

On May 3, 2018 I gave an invited talk at the 9th Annual Graduate Student Research Conference at UOIT. The topic of my talk was “How to Succeed (and Fail) at Interdisciplinary Research.”

Interdisciplinary research is defined as research than involves multiple areas of knowledge and expertise.

As graduate students, researchers are often trained to develop expertise in only one specific area and those interested in interdisciplinary problems usually need to collaborate to be successful.

In this talk I shared my own experiences with interdisciplinary research and I highlighted my own observations on how to both succeed and fail at research that spans multiple knowledge areas. Challenges with interdisciplinary communication, collaboration, funding, publishing and reviewing were all explored. To find out more please see my presentation slide deck.

One thought on “How to Succeed (and Fail) at Interdisciplinary Research

  1. yes , interdisciplinary research is very important i am emphasizing on same at our engineering college as well . Students have started doing projects on Robotics, IoT and very mush satisfied.

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