Serious Programming Games

In 2018, we published a review of 49 serious games for learning how to program: Michael A. Miljanovic, Jeremy S. Bradbury. “A Review of Serious Games for Programming,” Proc. of the 4th Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG 2018), pages 204-216, Darmstadt, Germany, Nov. 7-8, 2018. For each game we assessed the programming content of the gameContinue reading “Serious Programming Games”

Recording Programming Activities in the Classroom

Background Before I detail how I video record in-class programming activities I want to provide some context. I’ve been teaching introductory programming courses for close to 10 years and  most recently I instructed a first-year first-semester course called CSCI 1060U: Programming Workshop I. My general philosophy on teaching programming is based on two simple rules: LearningContinue reading “Recording Programming Activities in the Classroom”

What’s New for Concurrency in Java SE 8?

Java SE 8 was officially released yesterday (March 18th) and given the fact that Java 7 was released back in 2012, there are definitely lots of updates and new features. These updates include improvements to the Java language itself, Java security, Java tools and more. Although a lot of these updates are interesting and importantContinue reading “What’s New for Concurrency in Java SE 8?”