ARC: Automatic Repair of Concurrency Bugs

ARC Process

ARC: Automatic Repair of Concurrency Bugs

Project Members: David Kelk, Kevin Jalbert, Jeremy S. BradburyMark Green



Bugs in concurrent software are difficult to identify and fix since they may only exhibit abnormal behaviour on certain thread interleavings. We propose the use of evolutionary programming to incrementally create a solution that fixes a concurrency bug automatically. Bugs in a concurrent program are fixed by iteratively mutating the program and evaluating each mutation using a fitness function that compares the new version of the program with a previous version.


Posters and Demos:

  • Kevin Jalbert, David Kelk and Jeremy S. Bradbury. “ARC: Automatic Repair of Java Concurrency Bugs”, In the poster session of the 2011 Fall Meeting of the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER).