The 20th Anniversary of Y2K

“Y2K is a great case study that we can use to talk about best practices for how we develop software today.” SQR Lab leader Prof. Jeremy Bradbury was interviewed recently by Aaron Streck of Global News Durham for the 20th anniversary of the Y2K (Millennium) bug. You can watch the news segment and read theContinue reading “The 20th Anniversary of Y2K”

A Canadian Guide to the Heartbleed Bug

What is the Heartbleed Bug? The Heartbleed bug is a recently identified bug in the OpenSSL security protocol toolkit. OpenSSL is widely used on web servers to encrypt user data.In general, software bugs are computer program error that cause the software to behave in an unexpected way (e.g., crash, produce a wrong output). Security bugs are aContinue reading “A Canadian Guide to the Heartbleed Bug”