About the Course (Fall 2022)

According to the 2021-22 Graduate Academic Calendar, the course is described as follows:

CSCI 6100G – Advanced Topics in Software Design. This course covers one or more advanced topics in software design that are not currently covered by the other courses in the program. This course is aimed at senior graduate students who have already taken one or more courses in this field. The instructor determines the topics that are covered in a particular year and they could change from one year to another. Topics are determined by the instructor before the start of the course. A detailed description of the course content will be posted before the start of term.
Credit hours: 3

What advanced topics are covered? The course will focus on applications of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, meta-heuristic search) to solve Software Engineering problems and Software Engineering education challenges. In addition we will discuss the underlying themes of automation in software development and how AI can be used to assist software developers (not just replace them).

Course Outline

The course outline can be found here.

Marking Scheme

  • Presentations – 50%
  • Project – 50%