Interesting Quotes from AMD Canada Event

On March 7th of last year I attended an OCE event called the “AMD HSA and Heterogeneous Computing Research Showcase.” I recently came across my notes from the event and I thought a few quotes from the keynote speaker, Phil Rogers from AMD Canada,  were worth sharing. Phil Rogers on AMD’s commitment to open industryContinue reading “Interesting Quotes from AMD Canada Event”

Empirical Methods Should Guide the Development of New Software Engineering Tools

The following quote is one of my favorite quotes regarding the right way to conduct Software Engineering (SE) research. It summarizes the importance of utilizing empirical methods to inspire and guide the development of new SE tools and techniques: “In all fields of SE, empirical methods should enable the development of scientific knowledge about howContinue reading “Empirical Methods Should Guide the Development of New Software Engineering Tools”

The Importance of Incremental Research

Last year Bertrand Meyer authored a post titled Long Live Incremental Research! at BLOG@CACM. Rather then writing my own post on the topic, I instead want to encourage people to read Meyer’s post as I think he does a great job of summarizing the importance of approaching research incrementally and not aiming for the next great breakthrough. A few quotesContinue reading “The Importance of Incremental Research”