Serious Programming Games

In 2018, we published a review of 49 serious games for learning how to program: Michael A. Miljanovic, Jeremy S. Bradbury. “A Review of Serious Games for Programming,” Proc. of the 4th Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG 2018), pages 204-216, Darmstadt, Germany, Nov. 7-8, 2018. For each game we assessed the programming content of the gameContinue reading “Serious Programming Games”

Automating Software Development Using Artificial Intelligence

This week I gave a research seminar at Dalhousie University and at Mount Allison University on “Automating Software Development Using Artificial Intelligence (AI).” The intersection of AI and Software Engineering is an active research area and has lead to a number of effective and novel applications of machine learning, metaheuristic algorithms and deep learning. ManyContinue reading “Automating Software Development Using Artificial Intelligence”


This blog is a place where I will… discuss ongoing research projects in the Software Quality Research Group Lab discuss interesting state-of-the-art work  being done in the areas of software testing, software quality assurance, concurrent software systems, distributed software systems. comment on the current state of Software Engineering — both research and practice. mention anything elseContinue reading “Welcome!”